IMEDALytics, funded by DFG (2019 - Present)

Abstract: Intensive care Decision support system with data fusion and pattern recognition for guideline-based, individualized risk stratification, monitoring and therapy guidance.

Project Manager: Philips GmbH Innovative Technologies Aachen

Project partners: University Hospital RWTH Aachen, RWTH Aachen University, Trier University - Environment Campus, Ergosign GmbH

IMEDALytics is an innovative, IT-based decision support system for individualized risk satification, monitoring and therapy management in intensive care medicine. It links the data of a patient with medical knowledge as well as models obtained from data of other patients. IMEDALytics visualizes the individualized result of this link in a user-friendly way for informed and prognostic decisions and documentation of diagnosis and therapy. IMEDALytics uses the advances in the digitalization of the health care system and new technologies for automated data analysis to achieve treatment paths better adapted to the patient and thus avoid undesired long-term consequences such as need for care and long-term ventilation. IMEDALytics is using volume substitution as an example, which is an essential component of intensive care. The particular challenge for the treating physicians is to determine the optimal, individualized indication, application of the correct dose and selection of the most suitable infusion solution for the respective patient based on the general guidelines.


Robert Lipp, Anke Schmeink

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