Integrated Radio Access Point Typentwicklung, Optimierung, Realisierung (iRaptor), funded by BMWi (2018 - Present)

The iRaptor project is part of the larger BIC-IRAP project investigating the implementation of local networks for indoor business coverage based on LTE, 5G, and Wi-Fi. The first challenge is to define a proper deployable architecture. The projects contributors - BSISDN, ng4T, Hotzone, Travelping, brown-iposs, RWTH Aaachen, University of Applied Science Osnabrück, Technical University Chemnitz - are looking for efficient steering and controlling of the IRAP-networks with a particular view on the ability to operate such networks. BIC-IRAP is facing the challenges of:

Within the iRaptor project, ISEK is responsible for the radio network planning. This includes the static and dynamic network configuration planning, the channel modeling and the investigation of the interplay between Wi-Fi and LTE. Attached are two figures showing the measurements done within the scope of the project and the prediction model resulting from the analysis of this data.



Kiraseya Preusser, Anke Schmeink

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