Traffic Offloading in Multi-Tier Systems, Funded by ERS Thai-German Boost Fund Projects, RWTH Aachen (01.01.2017 - 01.01.2018)

By 2020 a seamlessly connected society including emerging business cases as machine communication, e-health, Car2X communication, smart metering and emergency prediction will be enabled by new 5G innovations. These improved and new use cases will require much more spectrum than nowadays available for the mobile technology and current infrastructure will experience significant transformations as existing wireless systems will not be able to support the anticipated increase in mobile broadband data nor allow for the expected increase in the number of devices. Although in Thailand the 4th generation networks are still not fully utilized, major network operators are aware of the next generation system to come. 5G is in its early research stages and there are many fascinating open questions and challenges. To support the increasing traffic based on cellular network infrastructure, traffic offloading is one solution that virtually extends the spectrum allocation to other radio access networks. This project considered traffic offloading in multi-tier systems, as the upcoming 5G systems will adapt a multi-tier architecture.



Alireza Zamani, Anke Schmeink

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