Achieving Green Ultra-Reliable and Low-Latency Communications (GreenURLLC) Using Short Blocklength Codes: Fundamental Theory and Optimal Design, funded by DFG (2019 - Present)

Ultra-reliable and low-latency communication (URLLC) is one of the key technologies to achieve "Industry 4.0", but nowadays a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental performance limit and optimal design principles for such systems is lacking. In light of the inability of the conventional Shannon capacity formula for characterizing ultra low-latency transmissions, this proposal aims at studying fundamental questions of URLLC based systems on the recently proposed capacity formula of finite blocklength codes. Three research subjects will be considered, including 1) Achievable performance limits of URLLC systems, 2) Optimal resource allocation for URLLC systems, and 3) Energy management in energy harvesting URLLC systems. The proposal will deliver important results such as the tradeoff between transmission rate, reliability, delay and energy, optimal frame structure design, channel feedback design, and energy efficient resource allocation algorithms for massive access. The proposal aims at fundamentally promoting both research and applications of URLLC.


Yulin Hu, Anke Schmeink

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