Robust Optimization for Energy Efficient Wireless Network Planning, Funded by ERS interdisciplinary Pathfinder Project, RWTH Aachen (2010)

Energy efficiency is of utmost importance in next generation wireless networks. Communication services in general, and mobile services in particular consume huge amounts of power (and money), and thereby contribute significantly to the carbon footprint of our society. One of the major bottlenecks in planning wireless networks is the uncertainty of data (e.g., bitrates, interference, user mobility). We tackled this issue might be a novel robust optimization approach in mathematical programming, which allows incorporating uncertain data within (discrete) optimization models. The proposed project studied the robust optimization approach in the context of next generation wireless network planning, with energy-efficiency as primary objective. New sophisticated models and the developed algorithms yield a network consuming less energy and with improved network performance compared to existing algorithms.



Anke Schmeink

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